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This was my prior career focus. I spent roughly five years exploring my dreams via radio. Having never developed any musical skills outside of a good ear, I always felt imbued with a good sense of taste….at least when it came to music. The natural choice seemed to be radio. In the late 80’s I made a brief exploration via something called “Kaliadascope Radio” which was simply a play to play scam. One would go in to an office, record a 30, 45 or 60 minute show and be told that it was broadcast on some obscure network in the U.S. While I never heard the show broadcast, it did give me my first fleeting chance to explore that side of the business. Fast forward to 1998 as I (finally) made it to university. I was at California State University; Long Beach when I discovered that there was a group of students just starting to develop a student run station. K-Beach Radio had been born and I was able to become an integral part of the staff moving from Radio Director to de-facto GM at one point. I was also able to finally start a real radio show around my indie and Brit-Pop interests. Called The Indie Shop, it became the ultimate outlet for my dreams. The next five years saw the ultimate mix of my growing interest in graphic/web design along with a chance to meet most of the musicians I had admired.

I can agree with anyone who terms me headstrong. I always felt as though the ability to play only the music I appreciated made the show what it was. Granted, this also allowed for forays into electronic, jazz, etc. I had dreams of moving the show into a commercial setting but it seems that the desire to retain control left little room for movement from the college scene. In the end the show failed to spark any career movement which is fine. It spawned my interest in web design as well as fulfilling several dreams of mine. For those brief five years I was able to become a part of the music scene and share so much with so many great people. It was a truly global endeavor.

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